A world without design? Plain and vague, isn’t it! Life wouldn’t be same without it. Here’s when we come into the picture.
We make your Brand come alive through our designs. We offer complete graphic design services to promote your company with aesthetic layouts, colors, designs and creatives, so it stays engraved in a viewer’s mind.
From a hoarding that catches every passers-by attention, to an attention grabbing 60sec video on your phone, we do it all and much more.

Why is Design important for business?

Design is crucial to establish and maintain a successful business. More importantly, designs like logo’s, give a company a face and visual representation which helps in forging a connection between a brand and its customers. The design targets the audience in a functional, attractive and professional way, thus helping in Brand recognition.
Here is what all we have to offer.


Logo Design

A Logo inspires customer loyalty. When you think about Nike, the first thing that comes to mind is their iconic tick mark. You are more likely to return to a Brand if its logo is memorable. In other words, a logo creates a first impression on the brands customers. It also helps build the company’s identity. So, it is important that your Logo captures your uniqueness. At Macavv, our design team crafts logo’s to ensure your brand stands out.


Brochure Design

A well designed brochure serves as a perfect introduction to your business. It keeps the face of your business in the hands and heads of the customers and reminds them of your services. Similarly, a badly designed brochure can say as much about your business as a well-designed one can, so be sure that it sends out the exact message you want. Here is where we step in. We strive to create brochure designs that deliver a return on your investment, create interest and deliver better results.


Packaging Design

Many of us have spent hours hunting down for the right gift wrapper for making our gifts look oh so pretty. Just as fashion choices reflect individual personality, packaging is a reflection of the product. Understandably so, customers are more likely to check out a product that is packed well.
At Macavv, we understand your Brands needs and create packaging designs that bring out the value of your brand and make sure that your packaging is designed in a way that reflects the quality of the product.


Business Stationery Design

We design business cards, letterheads, diaries, envelopes, memos and more with tastefully displayed company details and logo. We use the right brand colours and typeface to give the stationery your desired look as per the Brand.


Infographic Design

Do you want to represent your company in a creative way? Do you want to educate your clients and demonstrate your expertise? For all of the above, a well created infographic can pass a complex message over to an audience in an easily comprehendible way. A good infographic is worth a thousand words. Our design team ensure that we deliver well-polished and aesthetically appealing infographic designs that suit your Brand’s purpose and increase engagement.


Trade Booth Design

An exhibition booth design should be a reflection of your company’s values, mission, and what sets you apart from the competition. In simple words, it should be like taking your visitors on your Brand’s journey. At Macavv, we believe in creating extraordinary experiences for your visitors. We create interactive and immersive experiences that captivate, educate and activate your visitors. Right from concept to execution, we are your comprehensive one stop solution.