Email marketing gives you the freedom to speak instantly and directly to your customers. It acts like a megaphone in this digital world- Delivering the right message, at the right time! Emails form a vital part in your online marketing strategy and help you nurture the most important aspect of your business - Your customers. Also, it gives you the chance to tell your Brand story, stay connected with your audience, and increase your sales. Be it a simple “Thank you for subscribing,” or a sincere “Happy Birthday,” email is the easiest and most effective way to let your customers know you value them. The best part is that you own Email marketing! We at Macavv, work with you at every stage of your email marketing campaign with fully managed services. We target a specific audience through emailers for the best outcome.
Now you might be thinking how can your business grow with email marketing and help your business? Well, there are numerous ways how Macavv Email marketing can help such as:


Targeted and Personalized Content

Email marketing allows you to segment your customers into different lists based on their preferences and send highly personalized content. You can adjust your messaging for different audiences so your emails are always engaging.


Strong Customer Relationships

Your customers appreciate the time and effort you take to draft the perfect email. It doesn’t go unnoticed by them. As it is nearly impossible to reach out to all your customers in person or by phone, email marketing campaigns bridge that gap.


Get feedback from customers

There is always room for improvement. Who else to help you improve than your subscribers? Ask for customer feedback from anyone who makes a purchase, with email.


Creation of Email newsletter

Being one of the best Email marketing agency’s in Mumbai, we structure and design email newsletters that will surely attract your customer’s attraction. We create appealing templates that appear great in the inbox.


Email marketing campaigns

We create highly engaging email campaigns, that you can send whenever you want as we have them saved in your cloud, that usually means that you may get it in anytime and everywhere together with your desktop computer, tablet computer or iPhone.
If you aren’t a creative type, you can pick a responsive template among our rich library of templates with proven results.


A/B Split Test

A/B split Testing can help you better comprehend client requirements and constantly improve your results. We do it by sending two versions of the newsletter and analyse which performs better.


Send Time Optimization

Not sure about the best time to send your Email campaigns? Well, sit back and relax, and let our algorithms take care of that. You will definitely see a 10-20% increase in open rates.


Track Campaigns

How can one optimize something one can't measure? That’s what we do. We give insights from how many recipients opened your email to the unsubscribe ration to even the number of click. Being the best Email marketing agency in Mumbai, we assist you on your path to more successful campaigns.

Our Process to deliver the best Email marketing services.

  1. We Strategize by personalizing and segmenting Emails.
  2. We then perform a Database Audit in which we collate a mailing list of subscribed recipients, reformat your mailing list and audit the pertinent accounts and contacts.
  3. From there we Design Emails which supports both desktop and mobile. We build crisp and relevant content and integrate the media files whenever required.
  4. A Campaign is then set up after assessing the best day and time. We then draft an Email campaign which usually is a monthly or a quarterly exercise
  5. We Monitor the page after every campaign. CTR (Click-through rate), Bounces, Subscribed/Unsubscribed, Forwards, Conversion rates., we tackle it all.
  6. After measuring the statistics from the campaign, we generate a Report to align the efforts of the sales and marketing team. We try new campaign models and A/B testing in Email designs.
  7. We then Analyse what worked and what did not. Using this data, we sit with you and discuss the roadmap, well-armed with information, and then you’re on your way to a stronger and more effective email campaign.